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Uganda is faced with high youth unemployment rates like the rest of Africa. The International Labor Organization estimates that from 2000 to 2007, Africa’s working-age population grew by 96 million, while the number of jobs grew by only 63 million and fewer than 16 million of these jobs were for young people between the ages of 15 and 24 (Africa Economic Outlook 2012). In Uganda, 80% of the nation’s unemployed are youth (International Youth Foundation 2011).

Employment and job creation remain front-page issues in Uganda. According to USAID Youth Map Uganda (2011), Uganda has the world’s younger population with over 78% of its population below the ages of 30. With just under eight million under the ages of 15-30, the country has also the highest unemployment rate in Subsaharan Africa. According to The National Development Plan 2015/16 – 2019/20 (NDPII), the proportion of the labor force in paid employment has been decreasing, having fallen from 21.5% in 2009/10 to 18.5% in 2012/13 while the youth unemployment rate remained high, at 78%. Of the total population engaged in agriculture in Uganda, 77% is composed of women while the youth constitute 63% (NDPII, 2015/16-2019/20).

Therefore, there is an urgent need for generation of economic opportunities that will address the demands of the rapidly growing youth population in Uganda. 

YPARD Uganda chapter focuses on sharing information and opportunities among the youth, and respond to inquiries on different aspects of farming business and networking. To effect this, we have a WhatsApp group and a facebook YPARD Uganda page.

Come join your YPARD National chapter! We are looking forward to hearing your ideas and having you on board!

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