Dresden Nexus conference - Germany

Dresden nexus conference

The Dresden Nexus Conference (DNC) is a platform developed to advance the sustainable development agenda by bringing actors together who apply a Nexus Approach to resource management. Side by side, researchers and implementers (policy- and decision makers) from universities, national and international organizations, UN entities, ministries and governmental agencies, as well as individual researchers and stakeholders from the private sector and civil society discuss current research and initiatives applying the Nexus Approach and the benefits for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

This biennial conference is an important contribution of the United Nations University Institute for Integrated Management of Material Fluxes and of Resources (UNU-FLORES), the Technische Universität Dresden and the Leibniz Institute for Ecological Urban and Regional Development to the progress of advancing a nexus approach to resource management and thereby play a small contribution to achieving truly sustainable development for all.

Bringing the right people together and identifying the most important topics of discussion is only half the work in organizing a successful conference. How those discussions are structured will play a crucial role in achieving the desired outcomes. The aim of the organizers is to provide participants the opportunity to engage with the topic of the conference in a structured, innovative and thought-provoking manner. To this end, the Organizers of DNC2017 have prepared a preliminary schedule, based on much deliberation – particularly during the Programme Development Consultation Workshop in November 2015. A variety of both traditional and new session styles are combined in a schedule that ensures a harmonized discussion and synthesis of the daily content – through the keynote speeches and panel discussions on case studies in the plenary sessions. Simultaneously, the proposed schedule offers multiple opportunities for more intimate rigorous discussions in the parallel sessions and the roundtable discussions.

Thematic Scope

SDGs and the Nexus Approach – Monitoring and Implementation

Expected Outcomes

Addressing issues related to monitoring and implementation strategies for a Nexus Approach in multi-functional land-use systems and for resources management in resilient cities as explained above, DNC2017 aims to:

  • Showcase the state of the art of adopting a Nexus Approach to the management of water, soil and waste;
  • Provide scientific evidence for – and quantification of – benefits from applying a Nexus Approach to management of water, soil and waste resources, including the identification of required data, information and indicators;
  • Identify knowledge gaps and priorities for research, education and policy advice related to integrated management of water, soil and waste;
  • Identify needed individual and institutional capacities and appropriate strategies for implementation of a nexus approach, incl. creating incentives and removing barriers to unlock the potential of a green economy.

Date and venue

The Dresden Nexus Conference 2017 will take place from 17th to 19th May 2017 in Dresden, Germany


The participation in the DNC2017 is open to all. The scope of the conference makes it particularly interesting for policy-makers and managers of environmental resources; national and international organizations; academic, educational and research institutions; NGOs, and others who work on or are interested in environmental resource management. We look forward to welcoming you to the conference.

Deadline for early bird registration: 28 Feb, 2017

Dealine for regular registration:       17 April, 2017

The registration for the conference is supported by Converia, a conference management application. To begin the registration process you have to create an account. With this account you can register and manage your participation during the entire event. Click here to register now.

Picture credit: Dresden Nexus Conference

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