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Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for Data Collection, Monitoring and Evaluation  From 11 to 22 June join the latest online discussion with the World Bank, FAO and other ICT4D practitioners. Data collection, and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) are critical to agricultural development work. These tasks – which help to improve the quality of services, targeting, and efficiency within projects – are usually costly, time-intensive, and prone to error. New ICT tools such as mobile phones, GIS, repositories, and a variety of software application are making data collection and M&E activities easier and less expensive to implement. This forum explores how these tools can be used, along with the challenges associated. Week 1 (11-17 June) will consider ICT tools and issues in data collection. Week 2 (18-22 June) will discuss post-data collection, including repositories, analytics, and dissemination for M&E. For more background on the issues that will be raised in the forum, see Please join the forum to share experiences and learn from the subject matter experts.  Subject Matter Experts:
  • Or Dashevsky, Solution Architect, Catholic Relief Services
  • Takayuki Hagiwara, Natural Resources Management Officer, FAO
  • Sean Krepp, Uganda Country Director and Community Knowledge Worker (CKW) Program Manager, Grameen Foundation
  • Krishna Pidatala, Senior Operations Officer, ICT Unit, World Bank
  • Chris Reichart, CBO, Zerion Software Inc. and creator of iformbuilder
  • Laura Walker Hudson, CEO, FrontlineSMS
(See below for detailed bios of the Subject Matter Experts.) To join the forum click here. This is the third in a series of discussions following the publication of the "ICT in Agriculture" Sourcebook, responding to the growing demand for knowledge on how to use ICT to improve agricultural productivity and raise smallholder incomes. Earlier discussions and summaries can be found at  Subject Matter Expert Bios: Or Dashevsky: Solution Architect at Catholic Relief Services. Or Dashevsky is Solution Architect for Catholic Relief Services (CRS). He has over 14 years of Information Technology experience. Or joined CRS in July of 2000 since then he played a key role in many of technology project design and implementation. He is versatile in many technology platforms and been highly recognized inside CRS and by external organizations on use of innovating solutions to meet business needs. Takayuki Hagiwara: Natural Resources Management officer at the FAO Investment Centre. Taka has 19 years experience in the preparation, supervision and implementation of community-based natural resources management and livelihood development projects in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Caribbean countries. He works under the FAO Technical Cooperation Programme, which developed a Web-based Mobile Phone Monitoring System in Kenya to check performance of Farmer Field Schools (FFS) and FFS facilitators. The project gave one mobile phone to each FFS group asking them to report on the FFS and facilitators' performance. This system allowed project managers and others to view key performance indicators reported by the farmer groups anywhere in the world through the web in close to real time.  Based on the success of the system in Kenya, a similar system was developed in the Philippines to monitor the performances of Small-scale irrigation FFSs and facilitators. Sean Paavo Krepp: Uganda Country Director and Community Knowledge Worker (CKW) Program Manager. Sean has overall responsibility for Grameen Foundation’s operations and ag/finance programs in Uganda, ensuring the ongoing delivery of impact, while scaling and developing sustainable business models for the CKW initiative and new AppLab Uganda initiatives. Sean came to Grameen Foundation in 2010 with over 11 years of ICT experience, including extensive work in the African context. From 2008-2010, Sean served as Head of Emerging Market Services, Middle East and Africa, at Nokia, where he and his team developed mobile services such as Nokia Life Tools, aimed at supporting poor farmers and their families with mobile services in agriculture, education, and health. In addition, Sean previously served as Deputy Head of Nokia’s EU office, and held the role of secretary of the EU Africa Business Forum. He has served in various roles in strategy, marketing, product, and business development throughout his career. Krishna Pidatala: Senior Operations Officer in the ICT Unit at the World Bank.  Krishna has over 20 years of Bank operational experience working on multiple sectors in three regions - Africa, the Middle East and North Africa, and South Asia. He is currently working with the World Bank’s Global ICT department and provides strategic advice as well as cross-support to Agriculture & Rural Development, Social Protection and Education – in several areas including ICT, M&E, Quality Assurance, Knowledge & Learning, Accountability and Capacity Development. He has worked for over 15 years on community driven development and has several years of practical experience in supporting the Results Agenda. He is interested in ICT-enabled transformation and supports the strengthening of M&E with the appropriate use of ICT. He lives in Washington DC area and travels about 150 days a year in developing countries.  Chris Reichart: CBO of Zerion Software Inc., creators of the iFormBuilder mobile platform.  Chris has over 12 years experience in the mobile technology space and is responsible for Business development, Marketing and Sales. Chris has worked closely with NGO's leveraging the offline capable iFormBuilder platform like Catholic Relief Services, Sustainable Harverst and the Rain Forest Alliance to name a few. Prior to Zerion, Mr. Reichart founded Wirelesstowork Consulting Services and held Sales positions at Telispark, Macromedia and IBM, and did creative stints at Braingem and Qrana Consulting. Mr. Reichart holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from The Johns Hopkins University and a Master of Science degree in Instructional Technology from Bloomsburg University. Laura Walker Hudson: CEO of FrontlineSMS. Laura joined FrontlineSMS in March 2010 and leads on our not-for-profit activities, including software development, thought leadership and user support and resources. Prior to this she worked for British Red Cross, working on humanitarian policy and learning, focussed on innovation, urbanisation, cash transfer programming and civil-military relations, as well as strategic planning. Laura also served for three years as Secretary of the NGO-Military Contact Group. She remains a Steering Group member for Enhancing Learning and Research in Humanitarian Action (ELRHA) and a member of the Communicating with Disaster Affected Communities (CDAC) reference group.  Laura also serves on the Executive Committee of the Warwickshire Domestic Violence Support Service (WDVSS), and is a committed activist for the rights of the UK's Gypsy and Traveller community. To join the forum click here. Photo credit: CC BY-SA 2.0 Neil Palmer (CIAT). 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