Youth agricultural programme aims to achieve greater participation

The Youth Agri-preneurs Project (YAP), which forms part of the highly anticipated GCARD3 Global Event scheduled to take place in in Johannesburg this week is calling for all stakeholders associated with the conference to work together and involve the young agripreneurs into the dynamics of the conference and assist with achieving some of the programme’s outlined sustainable development goals.

Given that GCARD3 is about re-aligning research with agricultural development needs, the Global Event, which will bring all global stakeholders such as researchers, practitioners and policy makers together needs to highlight the need for greater inclusive and inter-generational participation in order to lead the way in ensuring effective sustainable development.

The G-Card 3 Conference will be held at Birchwood Hotel, Boksburg from the 5th-8th of April 2016.

It is important to have the YAP program as part of the GCARD so that young Agri-preneurs can build a mutual understanding and solid collective actions with other GCARD stakeholders. The YAP was started in the run-up to the upcoming #GCARD3 global event with the call for youth-in-agriculture to send their project proposal online.

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