Zambia National Farmers Union launches e-transport system

On December 11, Agriterra published an article on the Zambian National Farmers Union, who have launched an e-transport system to reduce crop wastage. The article starts:"The Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) recently launched an E-transport system under the auspices of the European Union. It has potential to significantly reduce crop wastage and improve the country's food security, says the Civil Society for Poverty Reduction.The E-Transport System (Transzam) is a web-based interactive information system which allows transport users to make known to transporters the availability of loads or cargo to a known destination and at preferred times of delivery to transporters."Interested? Read the whole article online at Agriterra.About AgriterraAgriterra works together with approximately 80 rural people’s organisations in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Central and Eastern Europe, as well as with approximately 30 organisations in the Netherlands. Their projects range from rural-tourism, the improvement of potato production, and the establishment of farmers credit banks to the penetration of new products in the market or of existing products in new markets..