Welcoming YPARD representative for Iran - Mohammadreza Davari!

YPARD welcomes YPARD representative for Iran: Mohammadreza Davari.

Mohammadreza Davari has completed his PhD degree in Agronomy from the Indian Agricultural Research Institute in 2009. After completion of his education he has been engaging in research and teaching at university as well as in voluntary work with young in environmental NGOs. SabzAndishan Arak and Kimiyaye sabz are two of these NGOs (website only available in Persian).

He has done remarkable research work in sustainable agriculture, particularly organic farming and integrated nutrient management and eco-friendly activities like ecotourism including more than 50 research papers, 3 books and an innovation related to enriched vermicompost. Besides these activities he has also worked as adviser in rural area, on the field in close relation with farmers as well as the students of agriculture at research and educational field at university.

His experiences abroad have given him a strong knowledge of agriculture, particularly in sustainable agriculture, how to mix indigenous knowledge with modern technology and how to adopt those skills on the field.

Agricultural methods in Iran need a great change duo to climate change, drought and man-made harmful effects on lands and natural resources. This was partly addressed. For instance, applying modern irrigation like sprinkle and drip instead of surface method has been supported financially by our government. However, this revolution will not be complete without young professionals' cooperation, Mohammadreza says.

He believes that agriculture in Iran should be more eco-friendly, not only for conservation of environment but also for food security and safety. Adapted cropping systems and integrated farming systems to current climate and condition could be adopted in different region of Iran by improving youth capacity in ARD.

Supporting youths today creates a brilliant future as they have a main role to face up to the challenges, in his view. He wishes, as YPARD Iran representative, to improve youth capacity in ARD to achieve sustainable agriculture.

Mohammadreza has been active on YPARD Community Blog since he became member of YPARD and starded spread the word about YPARD in his country. We trust he will be a driving force in Iran as a country representative to mobilize the youth for youth in agriculture's empowerment.