15 Grants to participate in the Eating Summer City Campus 2014

Call for interest:
Eating City Euro-Mediterranean Summer Campus.
August 12th - 19th , 2014.

Following the very exciting experience of last summer, we are pleased to announce the second “Eating City summer campus” inviting 23 youth (one for each country), aged 23 - 29, working or studying any aspect related to food, from all countries boarding the Mediterranean sea, to share this challenging adventure.

What is “Eating City”?

Eating City is a multi-year program of activities established by the Consortium Risteco Terre Citoyenne, co-funded by the CLM foundation for Human Progress in Paris, and locally, for each of the different editions, by other public and private institutions.

The aim of the program created in 2010, is to create opportunities of international meeting, in Europe, China, USA and Africa, to elaborate several case studies and a series of publications with concrete proposals on the definition of urban food policies, useful fo public and private decision makers working upstream and downstream of the food chain and also for food industry and food service operators and buyers.

Eating City aims to give life to ideas, to stimulate intellectual dialogue and to foster long term vision of public & and private decision makers on the future of sustainable urban food supply chains worldwide. Action-oriented, Eating city also evidences good practices and constructive propositions to
shift the paradigm: the ideal place where food, values meet the economy.

Why a summer campus?

Implementing food sustainability means a deep conversion of the whole food supply chain, largely based on replacing industrialized & standardized products by human know Consequently,    training is one of the main tools promoted by the participants of all Eating City workshops so far.

Interestingly, many cooks working in public food service have the feeling that sustainability should be able to stimulate new professional vocations for what has been for too long sidelined, second choice job; The same vision should apply to farmers as well, especially because development of local food supply chains cannot occur unless more young people decide to work as farmers. For this reason Eating City has decided to organize the 2 open to youth from all over Mediterranean Countries.

We would like to invite youth from every Mediterranean Country (see attached list) who are interested in promoting sustainable food. We include here chefs public service – urban planner, farmers, retailers, wholesalers, students and people from civil society working to encourage the use of organic & local food.

For this reason the project Eating City has launched the idea to organize summer campus open to youth working or studying any aspect related to food in order to increase their awareness and vision about sustainable food systems and also to create a new generation of future decision makers able to take into account social, cultural and environmental value and to place people at the center of economy.

How will the campus be organized?

This campus will take place in France, from august 12th to 19th 2014, in the inspiring location of "la Bergerie de Villarceaux” in the regional natural park of Vexin, at 70 km de Paris, a 600ha rural property, including organic farm, fully dedicated to sustainable development. (

The Foundation Charles Leopold Mayer, Eating City supporter and partner since the very beginning, has given rise to “La Bergerie” where several partners working together create the ideal conditions to welcome and enrich the Villarceaux manages hosting facilities and organizes group animations in relation with the
site; EARL du chemin neuf providing food for the restaurant; sustainability thinking with regard to rural development.

The program will include laboratories as well as courses given by international professionals working in universities, companies, local authorit civil society, all related to Eating City network. The program will include activities starting from Tuesday August 12 (Late evening) with the welcome of participants until Tuesday August 19 morning, day of leaving. Ten half-day sessions will be held by Eating City partners focusing over the following issue:

• Food & Religion
• Artisanal Fishing
• Farming

But also different thematic ranging from organic agriculture, renewable energy, environmental impacts, commons management, pub and catering at craftsmanship/industrial level by researchers, public/private professionals, civil society representatives, etc… Recreational activities will be proposed to reinforce group cohesion as well as debates du

How to participate?

Fifteen grants will be awarded according to the motivation letter and arrival date of the application (starting from April 25 participate you need to fill up the Ca as a CV (not mandatory) at the following address: - no latter than May 30 – 2014. There is only one place for each Mediterranean Country, so do not wait to submit your application!

Eligible countries:

1. Albania
2. Algeria
3. Bosnia and Herzegovina
4. Cyprus
5. Croatia
6. Egypt
7. France
8. Gibraltar (United Kingdom)
9. Greece
10. Israel
11. Italy
12. Lebanon
13. Libya
14. Malta
15. Marocco
16. Monaco
17. Montenegro
18. Palestine
19. Syria
20. Slovenia
21. Spain
22. Tunisia
23. Turkey

Eating Summer Campus 2014 Call