29th International Leadership Workshop for Rural Youth

The 29th International Leadership Workshop for Rural Youth will take place under the motto “Gaining skills - sharing knowledge - building networks” in the House of Bavarian Agriculture in Herrsching / Germany from 7 to 22 August 2019

Topics of the Seminar:

  • Protection of Resources and Environment
  • Education and Mentoring
  • Agriculture and Society
  • Competing Livelihoods in Urban and Rural Areas

Leaders in rural youth work set standards regarding integrity and persuasiveness, daringness and consequence. Do you want to obtain new impulses to further develop your status, optimise your resources and sharpen your strengths?

Where do YOU position yourself as a leader in rural youth work?
Are YOU preparing to take responsibilities in rural youth work?

The exchange of experiences and the international dialogue will open up new perspectives for your work in rural youth; intensify your leadership skills through the development of strategies for implementation and the elaboration of your personal action plan.

You would like to apply?

Online application form can be found HERE.

The application submission deadline is 1 February 2019.

Further information: Criteria for participation  can be found HERE.

Picture credit: © BLE

For more details visit here the International Leadership Workshop for Rural Youth website