Project Coordinator (2014-2015 cycle) with 2Seeds Network

About 2Seeds80% of Tanzanians depend on subsistence farming, yet 50% of Tanzanians cannot produce enough to eat. Simultaneously, 54% of college graduates under the age of 25 are not using their skills – they are either unemployed or underemployed.The 2Seeds Network, recognizing abundant human capital around the globe, is building a network of community-based agricultural development projects in East Africa. 2Seeds recruits and trains young people to live in rural Tanzania for one year and develop projects in partnership with subsistence farmers. 2Seeds' mission is Human Capital Development: we help our Tanzanian partners achieve their productive potential to grow more food and generate more income from what they produce, and help young people fulfill their potential as values-driven leaders.We don’t believe that bureaucracy can ever compensate for strong, independent decision making on the ground. We don’t believe that development work is only for those who intend to make a career in the non-profit sector. We don’t believe that work experience is more important than character, drive, and a sense of adventure. We don’t believe that development work is a one-way street in which we only give and the impoverished receive. We don’t believe poverty is inevitable.What we do believe is that human talent is universal. It’s as prevalent in the United States, or Brazil, or other countries as it is in the smallest village in Tanzania. We believe that a person like you—at the beginning of your career, eager for true leadership experience and deeply concerned with leaving your mark on a cause that is noble and good—has the potential to develop and lead a project in Tanzania this year.2Seeds separates itself from other international NGO’s in a few key ways:
  • Project Coordinators are one-year volunteers. The experience is designed to provide accelerated leadership development, and volunteers continue on their professional journeys with new skills and resolve to take on the world.
  • Our Values: we are governed first and foremost by our commitment to humility, self-awareness, partnership, resource stewardship, compassion, and results. These values bind together all the members of our network
  • Project Coordinators live in the communities they serve.Our Project Coordinators share in the lives of their partners, building the trust and respect necessary to catalyze change.
  • The dual focus on volunteer and community leadership development means we are busting the power dynamics prevalent in traditional “service.” We are not “helping poor people” – we are promoting a model in which everyone involved ischanged and improved.
  • We strive to work ourselves out of a job. From their beginnings, our projects are designed to be owned and led by our local partners. Each year, projects are building towards self-sustainability and transition to local leadership.
·         2Seeds takes seriously its notion of network. Project Coordinators are matched with a mentor – a highly-accomplished professional who will serve as their personal and professional coach for the year as Project Coordinators push theirs projects forward and push their comfort zones wide. In addition, Project Coordinators have access to the powerful 2Seeds Network and alumni base. About the Opportunity2Seeds seeks committed and courageous young leaders to serve as Project Coordinators for the 2014-2015 cycle (August 2014-July 2015). There are varying stages of projects and types of placements, and applicants are encouraged to think about which one matches their professional and personal development goals:Type of Placements:Village-Based Continuing Project: You will live in a village that knows 2Seeds and has worked with Project Coordinators in the past. An already-in-motion project will offer you a solid starting point and foundation, but it will be your responsibility to shape and push with your partners to new levels of success.Perfect for: Someone who likes to take a good thing and make it better; someone who enjoys the deep relationships that come from living in community.Village-Based Green Field Project: You will live in a village that has never worked with 2Seeds before. Your role in the first phase will be to assess the community—its strengths, assets, and culture. You will then (a) design a project that will radically change the picture of economic and food security for the village members over the next few years, and (b) build the early infrastructure, metrics, and partnerships that will set it up for success long-term.Perfect for: Someone who loves the challenge of developing new relationships, becoming part of a new community, and can envision a solution after understanding a problem.Specialized Continuing Project: You will live in a major city and work with partners to push a project already-in-motion to the next level. You will interact with other international NGOs on a regular basis and seek new ways of building our network to be more efficient, productive, and lucrative at market.Perfect for: Someone who wants to push the envelope on the macro-level of economic development and further develop an idea already in motion.Specialized Green Field Project: You will live in a major city and build a project from scratch that will take 2Seeds’ assets from across the network to the next level. You will seek to understand what is already happening, ask big questions, and test big hypotheses. Your growing understanding of the international NGO landscape will allow you to see how 2Seeds’ approach is different and how it is uniquely positioned to have significant impact on the lives of its partners.Perfect for: Someone with incredible vision who wants to build something from scratch and set the stage for a “Big Idea” to play out over the next many years.2Seeds is a powerful leadership experience for young people eager to get their hands dirty and accelerate their personal and professional growth. While different skill sets and characteristics will be more relevant for different stages and types of placements, all Project Coordinators must possess:
  • Demonstrated leadership capacity.
  • A resilient drive to succeed.
  • Humility necessary to be a mature and thoughtful leader.
  • Passion for the work.
  • Generosity of spirit / willingness to engage / openness to culture.
  • An orientation towards perseverance, creativity, and generating results.
Project Coordinators are required to have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree (completed or on-track). Basic knowledge or experience with Swahili language, agriculture, or economic development is a plus, but NOT required. All Project Coordinators raise funds to provide investment capital for their projects and cover all costs of living.2Seeds is committed to recruiting exceptional Project Coordinators regardless of their background; additional fundraising support is be available for Project Coordinators who demonstrate need.Application DetailsApplications for the Project Coordinator position can be completed directly on the 2Seeds website.Applications are requested before December 15, 2014. Applications submitted before this date will be given priority review. The final application deadline is March 1, 2014.To learn more, check out our video, “Our Network, Your Opportunity”.If you have questions, please contact Sam Bonsey at sam.bonsey@2seeds.orgTimeline
  • Dec 15, 2013                    Priority application deadline
  • Feb 20 – Mar 14, 2014   Interview Round
  • Mar 1, 2014                      Final Application Deadline
  • Mar 16, 2014                    Advanced Candidates Invited to Nominated Candidates Weekend
  • Apr11-13, 2014               Nominated Candidates Weekend
  • Apr 20, 2014                    Final Offers Extended to Candidates
  • Apr 27, 2014                    Acceptances Due from Candidates
  • May 1, 2014                      Launch of Pre-Departure Training Curriculum
  • Aug 1, 2014                      Departure
  • Aug 3 – Aug 17, 2014    Orientation (TZ)
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